This study develops a case study to understand the role of advertisement and the impact of advertisement on a small tile distributing company in the Greek market. The company actually exists. The environment that the company operates in is real. Every assumption made however, might not always be relevant at all times to the company operating in the region. For this study, a company, “Stavros Labrou” located in the Epirus region of Greece is selected. Contents: Methodology History and background of EMCO Demand for EMCO products in the Greek Market Conclusion

From the Paper:

“EMCO was established in 1955. Its headquarters are in Athens, Greece. (EMCO, 2004a) The company represents some of the “largest and most reliable companies producing building materials” and also provides support and service for the companies manufacturing the products. (EMCO, 2004b) EMCO has gained wide recognition in the Greek market. This is due to its focus on selecting essay writer service uk products that are of high quality and functionality. At the same time, EMCO also values https://blablawriting.com/ethical-issues-incident-at-morales-essay aesthetics in its products. Clients of EMCO are both corporate and individual. This clientele demands superior products and services. While large construction companies and major projects provide the bulk of the market for the company, EMCO also realizes the potential of the “do-it-yourself” market. In 2000, the company realigned its strategy to target individuals who are interested in repairing and renovating their homes and living quarters. It therefore, retails “sanitary ware, hydro-massage, faucets, bathroom furniture and accessories”. Most of the retail selling is done through the company’s branches in Thessaloniki and Ioannina.”